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You shouldn't have done that. Why did you do that. You shouldn't have hurt her.

2 days ago...

"Hi" You say to all your colleagues as you walk through the door at work. You have another hard day. You walk up to the front desk to grab more paperwork but you are stopped in your tracks by the creepiest person you have ever seen. She has long blue hair a short tartan skirt, preppy top, horrible shoes, chunky glasses and a very weird smile.
"Hello!" She said in the most freakish enthusiastic voice you have ever seen.
"You are my new best friend!"The random yelled over everyone's voices. All your colleagues laughed at this sight.
"Look BFF don't be embarrassed, come to my office." She clutches your arm and literally drags you to her office. When you come out you have lost all your patience. You are on fire, you have fury in your stomach. You have to tell someone your feelings. You walk up to the front desk to talk to Lilli. You sit down next to her, hold the paper work over your mouth and say, "That new girl, she's weird and creepy and freakish and insane and crazy- " You are cut off by this new girl walking in. You walk over to her, hold your hand above her head and you slap her. There is blood. She is on the floor.

You have hurt her. That wasn't right. You were being spiteful.

By Charlotte James

These are our 6 word stories that we wrote to describe our lives-our 6 word memoirs...

Food on my plate, love it-Jack N

Eat cheese, sleep, eat cheese, sleep-Will
One brain a million maths questions-Rebecca
Love your life so much ahead-Ramone
Opportunities-here and there, grab them. Ben
Why is it not Friday yet? Joe
Today I will brush my teeth-Charlotte
It wasn’t me, it was jack-Madi
One million years, not enough time-Carys
A life changing experience, take it-Chayden
Eat pizza, it’s yum yum-James
How are you today, I’m good! Lydia
Do I have to wake up? Catherine
Life brings a bag of lollies-Sophie
All you can do is smile-Rosie
Pull my finger, something will happen-Jack S
I’m weird, deal with it-Milli
Looms are awesome, so am I-Mattie
Six hours a day, that’s alot-Olivia
I used four legs this morning-Charlie
Sometimes I think about this-Zavier
Just enjoy this winding road-Lucy
Teacher usually talk too much but-Mr Ashby

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  1. Thank Goodness you're not lactose intolerant Will.....


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