Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Enraged! A fun way to engage discussion about adjectives and design

We have been working on an exciting project to make adjectives more exciting. This was originally inspired by a teacher from Australia-Chris Betcher. We have researched some interesting adjectives and chosen one that we found most exciting to present. The children chose a wide variety from shy to furious to redolent!
They were required to find out the dictionary definition and the 'google' definition and compare the two. Next they drafted many poems to try and capture what the the adjective was all about. We worked hard to refine the poems-take out unnecessary words add in more colourful language and also try hard to not actually mention the adjective in the poem.
Next came choosing a suitable google app to present on, and find the perfect picture to represent the adjective. The fonts we chose were very important too and how the text was displayed on the page.
Here are the first few that are finished. I think they are smashing!
So proud.
Shy-by Olivia

Joyful-by Catherine
Blank-by Millie
Glorious-by Lydia
Intimidated-by Carys

Spiteful-By Charlotte
Ecstatic-by Rosie

Freakish by Charlie


  1. These are great.

    I like how you really thought carefully about the fonts, colours. images and words.

    I wonder if you used Google Drawing to make your images?

  2. These look (scratches head to find the right adjective) really, really good.

  3. Hi guys, I am a Year 6 teacher from Australia who saw your awesome blog on Twitter. I really love your adjective design posters. What an original, exciting way to display your learning. Great stuff! Mrs F-B :) @todayseducator


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