Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shout out to the PTA

Did you know that we now have a School cafe? Hazel from the PTA has started up a wee coffee shop just at start of the Junior School. It runs on Fridays only.

What a great idea! Great prices too.


  1. Best Idea Ever!
    So sad I missed last Friday's session - looking forward to the last day in February.

  2. Thanks Guys for posting this you are soo cool!! I didn't make this friday as Ryan was off sick - but I hope to go and sell coffees and raise money for the school at Saxton Oval on Saturday during cricket kiwi and incrediballs between 9 and 11am

  3. Thanks room 5 you are cool posting this nad giving the stall some publicity. I didn't make it this week as Ryan was off sick. BUT I will be making coffees on saturday 7th March at incrediballs and kiwi cricket at Saxton Oval. It was really nice of NCC to let me serve coffee there this term. Your posts are all cool and my bots read them nearly every night!! Keep up the good work.


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