Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Drama and dance with Daniel Allen

A guest post by Millie Kearney:

For four weeks Room 5 did Drama with Daniel Allen, we were going to be focusing on these three things:
Improvisation- For improvisation we learnt lots of really cool games packed full of drama and improvisation.  
We learnt a Monologue- In this we learnt four types of eye contact: Internal, Personal, Distant, General and put lots of hand gestures into it and had learn it off by heart then on the last week we preformed it to the whole class complete with the different types of eye contact and hand gestures.   

We also learnt an Indian Dance called Jai Ho- And then at the end of the lesson we learned a dance called Jai Ho it was really fun to learn a different dance from a different culture, sometimes Mr Ashby joined in and it was sooooooo funny to watch him. On the last day we preformed the dance to our buddy class.

It was really fun thanks heaps to Daniel Allen for teaching us you rock and are an ace drama teacher!!!! 

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